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以下は、MeSH(Medical Subject Headings)に関する文章である。空欄(D)にあてはまる最も適切な単語を解答群から選択し、その番号を解答欄に記入しなさい。
Descriptors: Also known as Main Headings, Descriptors are used to index (D) in NLM's MEDLINE database, for cataloging of publications, and other databases, and are searchable in PubMed as [MH]. Most Descriptors indicate the subject of an indexed item, such as a journal article, that is, what the article is about. The descriptors or subject headings are arranged in a hierarchy. A given descriptor may appear at several locations in the hierarchical tree. The tree locations carry systematic labels known as (E), and consequently one descriptor can carry several (E).

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