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以下はSTN のCommand Quick Reference Card からの抜粋である。最も適切な説明文は?

  1. Request that current-awareness searches be run automatically when a database or a set of databases is updated.
  2. Display current news headlines on STN. To see a specific news item, enter NEWS followed by the number or name of the news item at the arrow prompt. To see current content information for a database, enter NEWS FILE at an arrow prompt in the database.
  3. Remove or identify duplicate records from one or more answer sets.
  4. Look at the neighboring terms in a search field to verify that it is a valid search term. Twelve terms are shown by default. To continue down the same index,enter E . If you do not append a search code, the Basic Index is used.
  5. Temporarily end your online session and hold the entire session for 120 minutes at no charge.