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以下の英文はGoogle Scholar のヘルプに書かれている文章の抜粋である。
ただし、単数形・複数形や定冠詞のa とan の違いなどを考慮する必要はない。
How do I find recent research on a particular topic?
Just click on "Recent articles" on the right side of any results page, and your results will be re-sorted to help you find (E) research more quickly. The new ordering considers factors like the prominence of the author's and journal's previous papers, as well as the full text of each article and how often it has been cited.

Explanation of Links
1. Title - Links to the abstract of the article, or when available on the web, the complete article.
2. Cited By - Identifies other papers that have cited articles in the group.
3. Related Articles - Finds other papers that are similar to articles in this group.
4. Library Links (online) - Locates an electronic version of the work through your affiliated library's resources. These links appear automatically if you're on campus.
5. Library Links (offline) - Locates libraries which have a physical copy of the work.
8. BL Direct - Purchase the full text of the article through the British Library.
Google receives no compensation from this service.

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